Company Profile

With over 25 years of experience in Power products, Satech Power Co., Ltd. Position itself as a professional OEM / ODM manufacturer of MILITARY approved / INDUSTRIAL grade power products.  Our business model is only No Branding.  All products designed and produced are under customer’s brand name, customer’s demand, assuring no competition with clients worldwide.

Our main products are:
•  Inductive Voltage Regulator, OIL Immersed Cooling Type: 100KVA~5,000KVA

•  Inductive Voltage Regulator, AIR Forced Cooling Type: 10KVA~2,000KVA
•  Static (FIXED) Voltage / Frequency Converter: 1KVA~800KVA
•  True Galvanic Isolated On-Line UPS: 3KVA~800KVA
•  Inverter / DC UPS for Electricity: 10KVA~400KVA
•  Automatic Voltage Regulator: 1KVA~300KVA
•  Transformer: 1KVA~10,000KVA
•  Solar System: 20W~5KW

By focusing the efforts on manufacturing Safe, Intelligent and Reliable products, Satech Power has built long-term relationship with many ODM / OEM customers. We hope to continue to improve our quality, service and support even further, making every customer feel like a part of Satech Power family.

Besides of ISO9001 certification, we have put the worldwide process and quality standard into practice for consistent quality performance. Our dedicated engineers and testing facilities review processes at every step, looking for ways to increase the quality and reliability of our products. Take the Inductive Voltage Regulator as an example, all units have been strictly inspected with Copper Loss Test, Steel Loss Test, No Load Loss & No Load Current Test, Upper Limit / Lower Limit Switch Test, Ultra Upper Limit / Ultra Lower Limit Switch Test, Manual / Electric Adjustment Test,. Insulation Resistance Test, Withstand Voltage Test (Terminal – Chassis), Commercial Frequency Withstand Voltage Test, Short Circuit Test, Temperature Rise (Full Load) Test, Inductive Voltage Test / Layer Short Test (200Hz / 400Hz High Frequency Testing for 20seconds)... Etc.

Satech Power put people first. We spend time learning the requirements our customers have, well before we apply the latest technology to meet their needs. After receiving our products, our knowledgeable, well-trained people stand ready to help our customers succeed. Because of our persistence on reliability, our products have been widely used in Telcom, Military, Semiconductor, Medical, Airport, Oil Field, Steel Manufacturing, Power Plant, CNC Machinery, SMT Equipment, Turn-Key project and other industrial & commercial fields.

In the new millennium, Satech Power is an important role of being the consolidator for linking up consumers' requirements with technology innovators.

Keeping development on advanced, cost-effectiveness, environment protection, product diversification and growth is our belief. To be a member of green earth, we are putting our power equipment with Energy Saving theory, hope our dedication will bring our global partners to enjoy our endeavors in Green Power -- energy saving and zero pollution utility power.