Industry 4.0 High Tech Power Protector

HPI-H4 series Industry 4.0 High Tech Power Protector 10 - 150KVA –

-- April, 2018

Can use mobile phone to connect to network card hot-spot to read device status online synchronously

With the era of Industry 4.0, the advent of intelligence manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT), unmanned factories, and artificial intelligence (robots) are flooding our production workshops. With the increasingly sophisticated equipment, a large number of smart calculations are used, and the demand for power quality is higher. Common causes of the failure of high-tech equipment control systems are:

1. Unstable Input Voltage. Due to line distance and off-peak factors, it will cause mains voltage instability.

2. Input Voltage Waveform Distortion. Due to non-special power supply, there are rectifier loads, frequency conversion equipment, and high-frequency equipment in the shared line, which can easily cause distortion of the waveform.

3. Transient Surges. Surges occur in only a few millionths of a second. Pulses (high voltage) may cause surges due to short circuits, large power switching, and switching on and off.

Based on the power quality demands of high-tech equipment and summing up several years of practical experiences, Satech Power has introduced a special power protector for high-tech equipment that weighs heavily on epoch-making power products. It is fully equipped with industrial-grade accessories, and has the function of interconnecting devices, terminal monitoring (connect to computers or APP) intelligent control, voltage regulation, filter, surge absorption and other functions. The device solves the problem that the current traditional voltage regulator cannot fully protect high-tech equipment and effectively monitor it. Industry 4.0 High-tech Power Protector provide a stable, safe, clean, and intelligent power supply, which can protect the high-tech equipment from safe and efficient operation.

The device has a built-in network card. It can use a mobile phone to connect to a network card hotspot and read device status online synchronously. It can also wirelessly transmit data through WIFI and use the mobile phone APP function. It has functions such as automatic repair, automatic inspection, maintenance notification, and system update. Understand the operating status of the protection power supply, coupled with a powerful cloud back-end management system, recorded the operation status of the protection equipment, ensured the high reliable operation of the power protector and a longer service life.

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