1 Phase Industrial Grade True On-line UPS 1 Phase Industrial Grade True On-line UPS

1 Phase Industrial Grade True On-line UPS

Model:SAU series


Single Phase 1~10KVA

Made in
Taiwan, ROC

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• AC Power from vehicle battery

• Communications Systems

• Cellular Sites

• Network & Data Center

• Emergency Lighting

• Medical Systems / Hospitals

• Oil & Gas

• Precise Measuring & Testing Equipment

• Transportation Signaling Power

• High Tech Industry

• TV & Radio Broadcasting Stations

• Utility Applications


⇒ Military Program, Aircraft,

⇒ Shipboard, Submarine,

⇒ Mobile Power Units, Shelters

⇒ Military System Diagnostics

⇒ Military Research & Defense Weapons

The Most Rugged Design 1Phase UPS !


The SAU series assures perfect power to connected equipment. The systems isolate, filter, and regulate impure and erratic input power to provide a pure and consistent sine wave output.


The SAU series incorporates true galvanic isolation on the output, which isolates the AC output under every mode of operation. The SAU series can accept a different ground between input and output, thus stopping any current leakage through the ground. True galvanic isolation reduces common mode noise that is normally transferred to the output from the AC power input source.


The SAU series provides EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filtering. EMI filtering eliminates noise that could interfere with the critical equipment. The SAU series meets all international EMC requirements.


The SAU series has an independent branch circuit for each input loop. In the event that a breaker trips or a short circuit condition occurs on one of the input loops, the other input loops will continue to function normally, avoiding a total system shutdown.


The SAU series can be started independent of an AC power source by using its batteries. Special current-limiting circuitry protects the SAU series from high inrush currents associated with DC battery connections on a dry DC bus. Ordinary on-line UPS solutions can suffer damage to battery fuses and DC capacitors when batteries are connected to an empty DC bus for cold start applications.


The SAU series utilizes phase control technology to regulate the DC bus voltage. This feature provides efficient and direct battery charging.


Each components used in the SAU series has been selected for exceptional durability and safety. The SAU series can run efficiently in extreme environments: temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, and contamination.


Works effectively under any unstable AC source. No need to start up by batteries, so as battery life is extended.


• The SAU system batteries provide about 5 to 10 minutes of backup time at full load. Backup time is expandable with additional battery modules.

• The charger board is design by CCCV (Constant Current Constant Voltage) that could extend the battery life two times (3~6 years) including the battery high voltage protection and Output short circuit protection.

• Built-in high capacity battery charger for long backup time.


The SAU Series incorporates technologies that preserve the life of the system and connected
equipment. Advanced features include :

• Overload Bypass

• Short-circuit Protection

• Over Temperature Shutdown

• Static Switch Protection

• Two Stage Phase Lock Loop

• DC BUS Start-up with Current Protection

• Charger Board Start-up: 2~4 seconds delay

• Generator Friendly


• Single control board design, for easy maintenance.

• Front side operation design for easy installation and maintenance.

User friendly design with LED & LCD display and simple operation.

MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure): >80,000hrs.

MTTR (Mean Time To Replacement): <30minutes.

CE Approved.

All models from 3.75KVA to 10KVA are used the same Main PCB.

Customers only need to keep one board for RMA service.
One touch LCD Display designs; it is very easy to operate.

MODEL SAU-1103 SAU-110375 SAU-1105 SAU-1106 SAU-1108 SAU-1110
Capacity KVA 3 3.75 5 6 8 10
KW 2.1 3 4 4.8 6.4 8
Phase 1Ø 2W+G (option: 3W+G) 1Ø 2W+G (option: 3W+G) or 3Ø 3W+G or 3Ø 4W+G
Voltage (select one) 110V or 220V
110V or 220V -15%/+25%;
(-30%/+40%, AVR Option)
110V or 220V -15%/+25%;
3Ø3W+G 220V ±20%, or
3Ø4W+G 380V -25%/+30%
AVR Option
Frequency 50 or 60Hz ± 5Hz  (Option: 400Hz)
Phase 1Ø 2W+G (option: 3W+G)
Voltage (select one) 100, 110, 115, 120, 200, 208, 220, 230, or 240V (±5% adjustable)
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Frequency (select one) 50 or 60Hz  (Option: 400Hz)
Frequency Stability ±0.5% (Free Running)
Transient Response ±3% (100% Load Variation)
T.H.D. <3% at 0~100% Linear Load
Waveform  Pure Sine Wave
Power Factor  0.7~1, lag
Crest Factor 3 : 1
Efficiency > 85% (AC to AC)   
Voltage 192Vdc 192Vdc
Battery Type & Nr.  HR1214W*16 12V/7Ah*16 for standard; battery of longer backup is available
Charger 1A charger built-in 5A charger built-in, option 10A charger
AC Fault Zero
Battery Battery low shutdown and breaker
Over/Under Voltage Alarm
Overload 125~150% 30secs., then switch to Bypass and Auto re-transfer; >150% Auto Transfer to Bypass
Short Circuit Current Limited, Auto Cut-off, Fuse and Breaker
UPS Fault Bypass, load supplied from mains less than 2ms
EMI/EMC  EN50091-2, CE Approved
Mains Failure Sounding every 4 seconds and mute after 90 seconds
Final Discharge Sounding once every second as battery approaches
Overload Continuous
UPS Fault Continuous
LCD Display UPS Status, I/P&O/P Voltage and Frequency, Battery Voltage, Loading %, History Record
LED Indicator Normal, Warning, Fault Bypass Voltage (Yellow), Fault LED (Red), Overload (Yellow)
RS-232 Interface Support MEGATEC RUPSII / UPSilon 2000 monitoring software
SNMP Intelligent Slot For Net Agent II (Optional) with SNMP Manager and Web Browser
Operating Temperature 0℃~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
Relative Humidity 0~90% (Non-condensing)
Audible Noise < 45dB @1m
Size (W*D*H/mm)  180*360*500 230*685*578 480*845*340
Net Weight (Kgs)
(w/o bat.)





115 116

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Custom-made specifications welcome.


The SAU series can be configured with a single 110V or 220V input, or with dual 110 / 220V input modules, that can be used simultaneously. This unique feature allows flexibility for the system to be used in a wide range of applications.


The SAU series can be configured with a single 110V or 220V output, or with dual 110 / 220V output modules, that can be used simultaneously. This unique feature allows flexibility for the system to be used in a wide range of applications.

• Additional battery bank for extension of Backup time.

• Option schedule UPS on/off times.

• Net Agent II (Optional) with SNMP Manager and Web Browser

Advantages of Low Freq. over High Freq. UPS Design

Type Low Frequency UPS High Frequency UPS
  Industrial UPS Commercial UPS
Major Applications Critical Process Control Information Technology
Electrical – Surge Levels & EMI/RFI High Low
Input Isolation Transformer Usually Specified in Industrial setting Not usually specified for IT use
Output Isolation Transformer Yes Option
Equipment Design Life Better, commonly 15 Years 5 ~ 7 Years in IT Data Centers
Output Voltage Regulation Better, ±1% ±2 ~ 3%
Output Power Factor 0.8 0.7~ 0.9
Efficiency > 85% at battery fully charge Better, > 88% at battery fully charge
Total Harmonic Distortion Better, <3% at Full Load </=4% (Linear Load);
</=7% (Non-linear Load)
Reliability Better, High Low
Physical Environment Design for Harsh Environments. It is designed to operate at a higher ambient temperature, and components are engineered to operate in an industrial environment and withstand demands of critical equipment loads Generally placed in a climate-controlled environment that is carefully monitored to ensure optimum performance of the UPS system and critical systems servers, routers, and data drives

Physical Environment:
Air Contaminants

Often used in Industrial areas, very dusty, sometimes corrosive air contaminants also Very Low Levels found in
Office Buildings & Data Centers
N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity Expansion Usually No Yes