3 Phase Static (FIXED) Voltage/Frequency Converter (400KVA)

3 Phase Static (FIXED) Voltage/Frequency Converter (400KVA)

Model:SPF series (400KVA)


- Three Phase: 400KVA

Made in:
Taiwan, ROC

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• Voltage and / or Frequency Conversion

• Power Conditioning & Freq. Stabilization

• Factory Automation Equipment

• Auto-test Equipment

• Alarm / Security Monitoring Systems

• Cellular Sites

• Export Product Testing

• Laboratory

• Medical Equipment

• Precise Measuring & Testing Equipment

• Sophisticated Monitoring Systems

• Sophisticated Instruments

• TV & Radio Broadcasting Stations


⇒ Military System Diagnostics

⇒ Telecommunication Facilities

⇒ Avionics, Marine, Missile, Projectile Facilities

⇒ Airport Grounding Facilities include

• ⇒ Airport Terminal, Control Tower

⇒ Navigation

⇒ Any Facilities / Instruments have

• ⇒ 400Hz frequency Power System


USA Military / INDUSTRIAL Grade Power System !

► Full Digital and Intelligent AC Voltage / Frequency Converter (CVCF)

► Power Conditioning & Frequency Stabilization

► High Efficiency, Optimum Stability, and Superior Heat Dissipation

► Complete Input to Output True Galvanic Isolation design

► Reliable Input Protection

Customizations Welcome

Please contact us, we will welcome the opportunity to review your problems and provide you with necessary solutions.

► Protection against Detaching and Floating of the Input Power Supply

► EMI Suppression

► Ruggedness

BATTERY added for UPS Backup (Option)

► Diagnostic Panel with LCD and LED Display

► +/-20% Wide Input Voltage Range

► Multi CPU Design and Software / Hardware Cooperate Control

► Modular Design PCB with color management Indicators

► Plug & Play Modular design for Quick Maintenance and Troubleshooting

► Tolerate Harsh Environment

► Base with Anchor Bolt Fixing

► Intelligent Fan Rotation Rate Control

► Reasonable Heat Evacuation Passage Design


Capacity 400 KVA
Input Voltatge (Select One) 3Phase 3Wire+G (Δ): 200 / 220 / 380 / 440 / 460V (Option: 480VΔ / 600VΔ)
3Phase N+G (Y): 200 / 208 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 440V (Option: 480VY / 600VY)
Input Voltage Range ± 20% (> ± 20% is available upon request)
Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz or 400Hz (please specify)
Input Frequency Range ± 3Hz (Wider ranges offered, please consult)
Power Walk In 0% ~ 100% : 20 Sec.
Efficiency ≈ 98%
Rectification Type
12 Pulse Standard
Output Voltage (Select One)  3Phase 3Wire+G (Δ): 200 / 220 / 380 / 440 / 460V (Option: 480VΔ / 600VΔ)
3Phase N+G (Y): 200 / 208 / 380 / 400 / 415 / 440V (Option: 480VY / 600VY) 
(Option: ± 10% adjustable from nominal)
Voltage Regulation Rate ± 1% from set point
Frequency (Select One) 50Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1Hz
(Option-1: 400Hz ) 
(Option-2: Switch Selectable 50Hz / 60Hz) 
(Option-3: Frequency Adjustable ± 10% from nominal)
Frequency Stability ± 0.1Hz (Crystal Controlled, Free Running)
Output Wave Form  Pure Sine Wave 
Output Power Factor  0.8
Phase Shift 120∘±0.5∘(100% Unbalance Load)
Total Harmonic Distortion < 3% (0~100% Linear Load)
Overload Capacity < 110% Continuous, 125% / 15 Mins , 150% / 5 Mins , >150% / 30 Secs 
Efficiency (100% Load) 95 %
Max. Heat Dissipation 27 KW
Over / Under Voltage Protection Alarm
Output Short Circuit Protection Current Limited and cut-off and fuse and breaker
Overload Protection Auto-shutdown 1 minute. Auto Restore when back to normal
Over Temperature Protection Auto-shutdown
Lightning / EMC Filter  MOV / Input & Output (FCC CLASS A)
Galvanic Isolation Input and Output True Galvanic Isolation
LCD Display Real Time Status, Data or Historical Events, Parameters, Real Time Clock, Inv & Buzzer
LED Display Up to date information (Status) to The User & Audible Alarm
Communication Port Contact Closure, RS-232 / RS-485Support to Remote Control Module,
Option: SNMP Card or MobBus protocol
EMI / EMC  EN50091-1,-2, CE Approved
UL (Option) ANS/UL1778, 4th Edition, Rev.July 28’06, CAN/CSA C22.2 #107.3-05.Rev.July’06
Capacity 400 KVA
Size (W*D*H / mm)  2240*1000*1900 mm   
Net Weight at I/O 380/220V  3600 kgs
Audible Noise < 67 dBA at 1 meter
Relative Humidity 0%~90% (Non-Condensing)
Operating Temperature 0~40℃(32~104℉)
Altitude <1500M Above Sea Level

1.Different specifications required are available
2.All specifications mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.


Customizations Welcome

► Custom input and output voltages and frequencies

► 50Hz / 60Hz Output Frequency Selectable

► Output Frequency Adjustable

► 10% Output Voltage Adjustable

► Single and Three Phase Configurations

► 400Hz Input and / or Output Frequency

BATTERY can be added for UPS Capability

The SPM series can be started without an AC source, that is, can be started with battery power only. This is possible because current limit circuitry is added, preventing the problem of large inrush current from blowing the battery fuse and damaging the DC capacitors when batteries are connected to an empty DC bus (before the DC bus is energized).


A supplemental power supply is added to provide redundancy for supplying power to the static switch, so that there will be AC output no matter what happens to the Frequency Converter.


Reduce harmonic current for 80KVA and above SPM series.


Be installed outside or nearby the Frequency Converters for stopping the Frequency Converters output in case of emergency.


The cabinet can be shock mounted using optional rubber or coil type isolators. This will enable the unit to withstand shock levels as specified in MIL-S-901.


For portability, the cabinets may be optionally equipped with the base-mounted caster / leveler set as shown.


Cable entry can be from Front, Side, Rear or Top side


UPSCANTM - Remote Control Panel

A hand held remote display and control module with LCD and LED display that can monitor up to 99 Frequency Converters via RS-485 at a remote distance up to <1,000M (up to 3,000feet)

GPRS MODEM - Auto-dialing Module

In case of abnormal situation, it will automatically dial to specified service center for help. Multiple phone numbers can be set and no dedicated line is required.

UPSCOMTM - 3 Phase PC Monitoring Software

Can provide real-time three phases information of Frequency Converter connected on the line and monitor 31 Frequency Converters max. with one PC.

3 Phase SNMP Card

Can monitor and manage the Frequency Converters through Web browser and Java applet, providing simultaneously three phases data acquisition.


Static Frequency Converter :

The static frequency converter used semiconductors to rectify AC source power at source frequency and voltage into DC power before using an inverter to generate a new AC power at the required frequency and voltage from the DC power. There are no moving parts except for some cooling fans in the converter.

Key features are :

1. The input and output are isolated via an isolation transformer

2. The output voltage regulation can be stable up to 0.2%

3. The output frequency can be very stable up to 0.1Hz

4. The output voltage and frequency can be variable to suit testing purposes

5. Suitable for indoor application with air-conditioned ambiance

6. Compact in size which saves space for installation


1. Install Frequency Converter ahead of loading equipment. No need to re-modify.

2. Save money. Change of frequency will cause some internal alterations different from the original design, the manufacturer would refuse to provide a free warranty and repair.

3. In addition to Frequency Conversion, it can work like a Voltage regulator with a more accurate and consistent voltage regulation rate.

4. Auto shutdown for overload, over / under voltage, over current, over-temperature, and short circuit protection

5. Economical price if compare to AC Power Source / VARIABLE Frequency Converter.

between Static Frequency Converter and Rotary Frequency Converter

  Active type IGBT / PWM Motor-Generator
Technology Convert incoming AC power into DC, and then convert the DC into the required output power. Use input power to run a motor, which produces mechanical energy to spin a generator, which in turn produced the required output power.
  Capacity 500VA ~ 1000KVA 500VA ~ 500KVA
  Size Compact size Bigger Size; Rugged floor mount construction
  Weight Lighter Heaviest
  Environmental Objections Fewer, e.g., generally Quieter, Lighter weight, etc. Some, e.g., Audible Noise, Heavy Weight, Waste Space Factor, etc.
Output Frequency Generally fixed (50, 60 or 400 Hz Output Frequency can be fixed or variable.)  Generally fixed
  Output Transformer Yes Option
  MTBF > 175,000Hrs Belted: 20,000 ~ 32,000Hrs Single shaft: 30,000 ~ 60,000Hrs
Maintenance No moving parts to wear out or break, Iess or no preventive maintenance other than cleaning fans,  exhausts Preventive maintenance is required, e.g., bearing maintenance, belt replacement (except single shaft units), cleaning air intakes and exhausts
  Preparative Work Some installation and setup may be required, but usually less than rotary alternative Some installation and setup is required, e.g., concrete pad, power circuits
Crest Factor Input current has a high crest factor that also caused a leading power factor that increases with load. Input to the converter motor has Lagging power factor that increases with load.
  Active type IGBT / PWM Motor-Generator
  Response Time 60ms ~ 2ms Slow

  Input Harmonic distortion and noise on the input. Power is not normally passed to the output Harmonic distortion and noise on the input. Power is not passed to the output
  Output Output harmonic distortion is moderately lower, ≦2% Output harmonic distortion is low, < 4% ~ 5%.
  Waveform PURE Sine Wave Output PURE Sine Wave Output
Very low output source Impedance The low output source impedance
  Overload Capacity High overload capacity. Typically can withstand 300% of transient peak current than the rated capacity. Can source heavy overload currents 2 ~ 4X for short periods of time, depending upon generator windings and momentum of rotating components. Overloads generally cause voltage reduction but not large waveform distortion.
  Full Load Efficiency
Approx. 85% ~ 94% < 6.25KVA units: 60 ~ 65%; Iarge units: 85% ~ 92%
  Suitability Varies with load, better with heavy resistive loads, and lower output frequencies. Varies with load, better with heavy loads.